Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I found this, cracked in half, bamboo vase from Pier 1. I thought it was cute and liked the brown and gold color.Although it appeared as an easy fix, working with bamboo is actually hard.

Using wood glue I did my best to glue down the top piece that broke off. As you can see on the picture the crack was still showing so I wanted to cover it up with something cute. I came up with this idea to use some simple tan colored ribbon. I fold it down about every 3" and glued it. I used the hot glue gun and it worked well. Afterwards I glued down some cute round rhinestones to the folded piece of the ribbon and hot glued the entire thing around the vase, covering up the cracks that were showing. It worked well.

I completed the vase by finding some branches that I spray-painted white and there you have it.
What is so fun about this vase and the branches is that is has many uses- you can decorate the branches with ornaments for the holidays, hearts for the Valentine's Day, or eggs for Easter. Stay creative.

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