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I love Goodwill shopping, but not just Goodwill, I love all thrift stores. Actually one of my favorite stores is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Denver.
Habitat Denver Restores

I found some great items at that store, and best of all they were new. But that's a story for another day, and although I can't wait to share with you what I found there, what I do want to talk about today is why I love getting things from a second hand store versus new.

First of all I LOVE a great deal and I do NOT love paying full price on things that I know I could get for much less. Second, purchasing things from the second hand store keeps less trash out of landfills. Third, buying things from places like Goodwill, ReStore, Savers, and etc., helps people in need. And fourth, did I mention that I love a great deal?

Hose Reel
So here is what I found yesterday at one of local Goodwill stores; a hose  reel cart by HoseMobile. It cost me $8.99, and they run on average about $35-40. So I think that was a great deal. Nothing was broken, all it needed was a little wash.
From someone else's unwanted items to my back yard, I saved around $30.
Unsightly hose without hose reel
 This was unsightly before, and our hose was just hard to reel up nicely by hand.

The best part about second hand shops for me is that I only buy things that I need, or would otherwise have to purchase new. What sort of finds do you have to share?
Neat hose thanks to hose reel

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