This is my small little corner of the fashion world. I love clothing and I truly love designing it, I enjoy fabric shopping and I get inspired by my lady curves. Here are few of my old designs from back in the day.

Designed By: Anesa ~ ARJ Mode
This coat above was/is one of my favorite pieces I ever made. It was Asian inspired. I'm not really sure why I made it, it was more costume like. Maybe that's where my true passion lies.

Designed By: Anesa ~ ARJ Mode
I was inspired by the fabric for this outfit when I made it. Actually it turned out so cute that I made an extra one for a gal that worked with me and sold it to her. She loved it.

Designed By: Anesa ~ ARJ Mode
I've always been in love with blazers. So the above jacket is very simple blazer jacket. Coincidentally my daughter dresses in little blazer coats at age 6 ~ I wonder where she got that from.

One of the designers that always inspired me was Alexander McQueen. His designs have always been unique and wild,  but with class. The way he uses texture and fabric is amazing and he turns his outfits into masterpieces.
Pictures bellow are some of McQueen's designs.

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