Thursday, December 18, 2014

Paper Christmas Tree ~ Super cute decoration and a fun project to make

Paper Christmas Tree with ornaments

My kids absolutely enjoy crafting, and making things that they could proudly display. During holidays, in particular, we make a lot of things to hang, display and gift. One of the things we decided to make this year was paper Christmas trees and they turned out absolutely lovely.

Here's a list of things we used (you may use other or different decorations or colored paper):

- Thick green construction paper (cut into piles of different sizes- we did 6" down to 1" but there is no    need to be precise)
- Shish kabob wooden skewers (careful with these especially if you have really young ones as the top      is very pointy and poky)
- Square Styrofoam 
- Small ornaments 
- Decorative tape
- Glitter
- Glue
- Snow spray
- Rhinestones 
- Foam core board (used only for the star, you may use something different or make a start out of       aluminum foil)

Exiting thing, about these items you need, is that most all of them could be found at your local dollar store. 

1.Start by sticking the shish kabob wooden skewers with the dull side down into the square Styrofoam. 
Decorate the bottom of the Styrofoam with the decorative tape. You may need to glue it down even if the tape is sticky. 

2.Start with the biggest peace of paper (6") fold the edges downwards slightly and stab the paper trough the middle into the kabob stick. Repeat this until you feel you've reached enough of a thickness (about 6-8 sheets). When placing the paper on the stick alternate the edges/points. 

Making paper Christmas Tree
3. Repeat the step above with all the smaller pieces. As you work look at you tree and decided if you need more or less paper, or if you need to press the edges slightly. 

4. When you have placed the last paper on top take a small square (about 1") of foam core board and put it on top of the kabob stick. 

5. Start decorating with glitter, ornaments, rhinestones, and anything else that you might like. Make your own little garland. Spray with snow spray and place the tree on a display. Don't forget to take a picture and share.

Paper Christmas Tree Crafting

And look how adorable these have turned out. I am going to display these for years to come. 
These are also a great gift for family members. 
Craft away!

Paper Christmas Tree- handmade with ornaments, snow, star

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