Saturday, December 3, 2011


Christmas tree toppers are not always, and only, for Christmas trees. Just like not all ornaments are meant to be hanging on the tree. Mine is being displayed as a decorative feature in a vase.

It's a snow day here in Denver. That means more small projects are going to get done. Well maybe at least one.

I got this super cute $30 Christmas tree topper for free. Yes, for free, but that's because it was broken. The top of this wonderful yet fragile ornament broke off. Everything else was intact so I thought what an easy fix.

I hot glued the top back on, but it wasn't a perfect fit and the glue was showing. So to fix the problem I added small rhinestones around where the glue was to hide it. To spruce it up a little more I added more larger rhinestone to the middle tier. And now for the price of FREE a cute little holiday decor.

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  1. Hello. Have you already decided for your Christmas tree topper this year? Hehehe. I am also scouting for something new, unique and really attractive so my guests would be impressive. Keep sharing and bookmarked this helpful page. :D Merry Christmas in advance