Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I feel bad for not being on my blog as much, and I have so many projects to share with you. Here is one small completed item that I can share with you for now.

The kid's elementary school was doing an auction to raise the money for the school and each class did a project that got auctioned off. The class project that I had the privilege to do was a lamp shade with the pre-schoolers. I wanted to make sure that the kids were included in the project and still make the item look chic and not too colorful or childish. We made flower pedals and I glued them to the ribbon and to the lampshade I picked up at a local Target store. I already had the lamp so I wanted to make sure that the colors all worked together.

Here is a quick run of what we did.

I cut out two different size fabric circles and taped them on a paper for the kids to color. Each child got one large and one small fabric circle. To stay within the color theme I let the kids chose from the earthy colors like brown, yellow, white and red, and each child got to be creative with their fabric circles. They were allowed to mix colors as they desired.

After the paint was dry I layered the fabric circles with one other fabric circle and one circle cut out from a book page. Everything was put together with a button in the middle. I squeezed each pedal so that it got more of a 3D shape and more realistic look to it and hot glued them on the lamp shade.

There are other ways to create the flower pedals this was just one way that worked for me this time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wow! How fast has time gone by. Last time I checked it was still 2011 and today I am making little valentine's for my kids school. I was lucky enough to find these cute key covers with chains for only $0.05 each at a local Office Depot (on clearance). They are adorable. I bought everything they had - about 70+ for under $5.00. I figured the kids in the Pre-School and Kindergarten can use them for anything. My daughter has them hanging on her backpack and they are adorable. So since they already come in a bag all I had to do was add a little chocolate to sweeten up the deal.

For the teachers I had the kidos do their part and make the cards. We cut a paper plate into a heart shape and glued on the back heart shaped doilies for more layered and detailed look. Afterwards I let the kids get creative with gluing on hearts and anything else they thought would be fun. It was all their little project. All supplies are from the dollar store. And there you have it: a fun and detailed, proudly made by the students a Sweet Valentine's card.

Cherished Bliss